Key Radiation-to-Electronics (R2E) Challenges for New Space

Invited Talk

To be presented at the 2020/21 CERN Annual R2E annual meeting (Feb. 3,  15:40 → 16:40 Europe/Zurich time)

The growth of New Space has been fueled by drastic launch cost reductions and functionality provided by aggressive and persistent technology scaling.  In this talk, we consider two major challenges to the “New Space” sector: Managing manufacturing variation in COTS devices AND radiation test strategies with limited schedule and budgets.


2 Feb 2021, 09:00 → 3 Feb 2021, 18:00 Europe/Zurich (online event)

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Online event.


Texas Instruments Radiation Handbook for Electronics!

Robert was a primary author for the 

Texas Instruments “Radiation Handbook for Electronics” available here on

This comprehensive 100+ page e-book features an overview of radiation effects in microelectronics, as well as process and design considerations for engineers who work on space, industrial and/or terrestrial applications where the radiation environment is a concern.

See EDN News report on the new handbook here!