A few selected presentations

“From COTS to Space-Grade Electronics: Which is Best for your Mission”, Invited talk, RADECS 2018. [PDF]
“Funny Stories from Terrestrial Radiation Effects”, Invited talk, RADECS 2017. [PDF]
“Determining the Impact of Alpha-Particle-Emitting Contamination from the Fukushima-Daiichi Disaster on Japanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Sites”, unscheduled talk, IIRW 2014. [PDF]
“From COTS to Space – Grade Electronics: Improving Reliability for Harsh Environments”, Invited Talk, IIRW 2014. [PDF]
“Landmarks in Terrestrial Single-Event Effects”, Invited Talk, Invited Short-Course, NSREC 2013. [PDF]
“Ghosts in the machine – how subatomic-scale events impact us and what we can do about it”, Invited Talk, IIRW 2011. [PDF]
“The importance of LANSCE for single-event effects reliability modeling for commercial semiconductors”, Invited Talk, LANSCE User Group Meeting 2007. [PDF]
“The new JEDEC JESD89A Test Standard: How is it different than the old one and why should we use it?”, Invited Talk, RADECS 2007. [PDF]