Our Training Services

Popular Master Classes:

  • General semiconductor device reliability
  • Radiation effects and impact on device and system
  • Accelerated radiation test and modeling methods
  • Radiation test standards and compliance

Three Levels:

  • Executive/Management Overview  (1-2 hour class)
  • Engineering Shallow Dive   (2-4 hour classes)
  • Engineering Deep Dive   (full day classes)
technology training, semiconductor consultant, semiconductor reliability, radiation effects, soft errors, single event effects, total ionizing dose

Covering topics from semiconductor reliability and radiation effects, we leverage years of corporate, conference, and university training experience. Each training session is customized to your organization’s needs, providing engaging and relevant content that is easily assimilated. We are able to provide training at multiple scope levels from concise sessions targeting key concepts and over-views for high-level executives and management to detailed deep-dives focused on building technical fluency and new capability for your engineering staff.

​Let us develop a course tailored to your specific needs. Flexible formats from short-course series vs. in-depth all-day events.  Each class includes electronic copies (PDF) of all presentation materials provided after registration.

Let’s discuss the specific training you want…

“We wrote the book” on Radiation Effects…well, actually, a handbook.

Robert was a primary author for the newly-released Texas Instruments Radiation Handbook for Electronics available for download on ti.com. This comprehensive 100+ page e-book features an overview of radiation effects in microelectronics as well as process and design considerations for engineers who work on space, industrial, or terrestrial applications where the radiation environment is a concern.

If this guide is interesting to you and your staff, reserve for a Master Class and get so much more!

See the latest EDN News review of the handbook here!