Test Campaign Support Services

Get more from your radiation test campaigns!

Beam time is a limited and expensive resource – get the most out of your experiments. Utilize our expert hands-on guidance for all aspects of your radiation testing. We can assist with design-of-experiments (DOEs), test strategy to optimize beam time, test hardware/software advice, simulation, modeling, and interpretation of results. Leverage our decades of radiation test experience on the following:​​

  • Alpha-particle single-event effect (SEE) testing
  • Neutron testing for terrestrial and avionics SEEs
  • Heavy-ion testing for space SEEs
  • Interpretation of field failure rates and SEE event rates
  • Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and neutron/proton dose
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DOD and JEDEC standards

Accelerate product adoption by your key customers – ensure full compliance with the right standards.

​Having led and co-authored the several JEDEC standards, we can make sure that your radiation test campaigns are compliant with relevant standard(s):

  • JEDEC JESD-89, 89A Test Standards (terrestrial)
  • JEDEC JESD-221 Test Standards (alpha-particle)
  • JEDEC JESD-57 Test Standards (space)
  • RTCA/DO-254 (avionics)
  • EUROCAE/ED-80 (avionics)
  • MIL-STD-883K- 10XX (military radiation testing)
  • RHA/RLAT (rad hardness assurance)

Attract customers with world-class radiation reports on your new releases or legacy products.

Let us help you interpret test results, calculate cross-sections and confidence limits, perform reliability extrapolations for specific radiation environments, and help you understand if your product meets expectations. We can assist you in reducing product release cycle-times and help you generate more convincing results that will elicit customer excitement and drive revenue growth.

We can assist you in crafting persuasive final reports that are comprehensive and that build customer confidence. Reports that demonstrate that the product was tested correctly, to the correct standards, and that its performance meets or exceeds customer expectations. We can do all aspects of the process from editing, proof-reading, to content-creation, technical writing, and compelling technical illustrations.

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