I met Robert while he was leading the original task group formed to address soft errors (JESD89 Measurement and Reporting of Alpha Particle and Terrestrial Cosmic Ray-Induced Soft Errors in Semiconductor Devices) published in Aug. 2001 . He also led a revision of the standard (JESD89A), released in Oct, 2006. He received the JEDEC Chairman’s Award. Robert was also instrumental in the drafting of the JESD221 Alpha Radiation Measurement in Electronic Materials.

Robert’s work on eliminating 10B was critical to Sun Microsystems in reducing by almost an order-of-magnitude the impact of soft errors on the SPARC CPUs. He also hosted Sun engineers doing work station testing at LANL – Robert suggested that the observed power fails were due to SEB/SEL in power transistors in the supply – leading to a rapid fix before the work stations went into production. He is one of the preeminent researchers in the field of radiation effects in semiconductors as indicated by his numerous publications, patents and presentations.