What’s in a Name?

Radiosity (pronounced ray-dee-oss-ity) is a term from physical optics representing the total radiation leaving the surface of an object characterized by the sum of the radiation emitted by the object, itself, and any incident radiation reflected by that same object.

Radiosity is phonetically similar to words like Virtuosity, Luminosity, and Curiosity. Vocabulary capturing the idea of honed expertise, deep experience and knowledge, and the sense of adventure and curiosity, which continuously drives us to seek out and acquire new skills and techniques.

The name Radiosity Solutions signifies our firm’s primary core competency in radiation effects. As a technology consulting service, we aim to provide high-value information and expert guidance to solve our clients’ radiation and reliability challenges.

About our Logo…

While trying to brand Radiosity Solutions with an appropriate logo, we were entranced by stories of “unsolvable puzzles” that could only be conquered when the “right” person came along (usually a justification for that said individual to become “king”). Such stories abound in folklore and history, so what better metaphor could there be for a consulting company that solves complex and esoteric challenges for its clients?

Public domain image of alexander the great mosaic
One such tale that drew our attention was that of the Gordian Knot. In one version of the legend, when faced with the challenge of freeing a ceremonial ox-cart tied with a complex knot (said to be impossible to untie) at Gordiyon in Phrygia (modern-day Turkey), a young Macedonian warrior named Alexander solved it by disassembling part of the ox-cart’s axle, extracting the cart without ever untying the knot directly. It had been prophesized that the person who freed the ox-cart at Gordiyon would become a great king — and we all know how that worked out for Alexander. By the age of thirty, Alexander-the-Great had created one of the largest empires the world had ever seen, stretching from Greece to India. The Gordian Knot is an apt metaphor for tackling seemingly intractable problems by “thinking outside the box” to find unique and elegantly simple solutions.
This story was the starting point for developing our logo as it evoked the desired image of Radiosity Solutions in applying its deep expertise and innovative thinking to help solve clients’ toughest technical challenges by producing pragmatic and elegant solutions (often faster and with fewer resources needed than by typical “brute force” methods).

The challenge was what to use as a logo. First, we considered one of the many different Celtic Knots (shield knot – left image), with the idea that the knot served as a symbol for “a challenging problem to be solved”, while, simultaneously, representing pragmatic solutions “tied to reality”.

However, based on the fairly ubiquitous use of Celtic knots in various company logos, we migrated to simpler, geometric forms. “Impossible Triangles” (Penrose Triangles) and other such geometric forms were considered but were already in heavy use (middle image – similar to the Google Drive logo) while others were deemed too complex (right image).

Interesting symbols image
Nordic rune

After eliminating many geometries, we happened upon the ancient Viking symbol, the “Valknut” which harks back to Norse and Anglo-Saxon folklore based on the god Odin. We were drawn to the simplicity of the geometric puzzle composed of three interlocked triangles. The number three is a common magic and divine number in many cultures. Apparently, this may be an allusion to the “nine worlds” (3 x 3-sided polygons) living within the mighty “Yggdrasil” tree at the center of the Norse cosmos.

In the case of the Radiosity Solutions logo, the three interlocked triangles represent the “three forces” – knowledge, experience, and insight (or theory, application, and synthesis, if you prefer) focused on creating decisive solutions. In its final incarnation, we rendered our logo to look as if it is glowing, giving off ethereal light, a nod to one of Radiosity Solutions’ core technical competency – radiation effects.

Engage Radiosity Solutions and let us focus our experience, expertise, and innovative thinking to conquer your toughest challenges.

radiosity solutions image